“I still love you.”

Creating a loving connection of communication with those who have moved to the other side of life.

“…I still love you too.”

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“There were some things that I just never got to say before she passed. Being able to tell her, and know that she understands, is such a comfort. It is a blessing to know her beautiful spirit still lives on.”










“My father died so many years ago, I thought there was no reason to see a medium, but I followed a strange curiosity. During my session I felt such an extraordinary connection with him, the love was like he was right there in the room. I cannot explain it, but what was shared only my father and I could have known. I believe now. I know that love continues. What a truly uplifting experience.”


Many people seek to have a session with a reputable medium when there is a longing to connect with loved ones in spirit. When we lose a loved one, it is natural to look for reassurance that they are somehow ok and to investigate the possibility that there is life after life. It can offer us healing and comfort.

You do not have to be religious or consider yourself spiritual, love knows no boundaries. 










My name Elin and I am spiritual medium and healer. I have been communicating with spirit since I was young, but started to learn the art with respected teachers in my twenties. What I love about mediumship is being able to help create a loving connection between loved ones, crossing boundaries and time. 

I am based in Toronto and do face to face sessions as well as online sessions on Zoom.

I would love to be able to help connect with your loved ones.